I’ve been on both sides of the Magnet Agency experience and can say with confidence that Magnet Agency is fantastic to work with.

I was looking for a leadership position in NYC and an acquaintance suggested I contact Ryan. The entire process was seamless and efficient. Ryan really took time to understand my skill set and more importantly, what I was looking for in terms of team and culture. It was important for me to not just find a job, but find a place where I could really grow and learn.

I highly recommend Magnet Agency as a partner in your job search process. On the recruiting side, I’ve also had a very successful ongoing relationship with Magnet Agency. They are excellent at screening candidates and helping identify only the very best fit for your role and team.

Ryan really has a pulse for people and is great at matching people on criteria beyond just their aptitude. I highly recommend Magnet Agency to anyone who’s looking to grow or find a team!