We’re not seeking a traditional CTO. We’re looking for a young mobile hotshot with strong project management, product management. Previous experience developing mobile apps for IPhone platform is a must!

CTO will scope the business and refine our business model. Must be able to gather business requirements internally, speak to customers and vendors, ping colleagues and leverage their networks. The individual will prepare an overall plan for the architecture, systems, integrations, capabilities and service metrics that will capture the original comprehensive approach to mobile.

Candidate will offer input and guidance that will complement business and marketing input to create the right product roadmap.

The ideal individual will have a profile recognized within the mobile industry.

Who are we looking for?

You know mobile and have proven success in the space vs. wanting to know mobile.
You the mobile ecosystem, the forest and the trees.
You will know the Apple platform and best case people at Apple, but you’re not Apple exclusively. There’s more than just Apple to feed from in the mobile space.
You must understand mobile application architecture and have built, or been involved in building mobile applications.
You need to understand the fundamentals of ad serving technology.
You need to understand the fundamentals of content management systems.
You need to understand the fundamentals of user profiling, authorization and authentication.
You need to know the fundamentals of mobile commerce.
You need to know systems integration: what works, what doesn’t, what might.
Must be able to demonstrate your ability to scope and build, or participate in building, a system of diverse components that inter-relate at reasonable cost with excellent efficiency.
You should have a passion for QA and QOS (quality assurance and quality of service).
Must have business savvy to consult with CEO about cost effectiveness, ROI and feel secure and comfortable doing this within a short, medium and long term vision.
Must be able to fight for what you believe in and then work effectively within the eventual compromise.

Cultural fit: We are a small team of 6 onsite and many offshore. We don’t believe in walls and have completely open communication.
You must be able to work collegially and productively with others in small spaces under extreme stress and maintain a sense of humor and grace. It means being able to share and enjoy the culture and have shared “how I see media being used and how I use it” values. It means understanding that for most of the foreseeable future, this is a 24 x 7 commitment.
You must be able to manage up and manage across and manage down and out (direct staff and vendors).
Must be proactive and act in anticipation of requirements.

Required Skillset:

Common web and mobile technology platforms
Mobile devices of all sorts, especially IPhone
Programming languages that render the web and mobile content
Common used and evolving programming languages, operating systems and system protocols
Measurement tools
Industry trends and more especially the technology trends driving or being driven by the mobile industry.