We are the first dating app that’s been backed by both the former CTO & the cofounder of Tinder, and is positioning itself to build the future of dating for Millennials & Gen Z. We are the first-ever live synchronous dating experience, built to solve the problem of immense time & effort required by existing online dating experiences.  Our beautiful new offices are based in Beverly Hills, CA and we are a dog-friendly company!

We just closed a seed round with First Round Capital as our lead investor, joined by powerhouse investors from Uber, Lyft, Twitter, Snapchat, Houseparty, Airbnb, and more. We’re also working with RoAndCo, a strategic creative studio based in NY, to redefine our entire brand strategy and visual identity from the ground up.

In order to build the best product possible, our team is always our top priority. We have a very small & contagiously high-energy team with incredible strengths in product and engineering. We are looking for the last piece of the puzzle: a teammate with an unnatural marketing skillset who is ready to get involved at the ground floor.

As our Director of Marketing, your primary goal will be to drive user acquisition and ignite critical mass in our target markets. You will have a blank slate from which to build your marketing plan; we want someone who can move quickly to test and experiment with various channels and tactics. This person would be passionate about building an obsessed community of users, as well as someone who is fanatic over KPIs and measuring the impact of each of the marketing tactics. You will not start out with any direct reports so you need to be a hands-on leader who can self-manage and grow a team with us and manage vendors and consultants along the way.

You’d have the autonomy to test numerous marketing hypotheses and craft an expansion playbook that we can replicate as we debut this product to the masses. This role will report directly to the CEO. At the end of the day, your responsibility can be narrowed down to one goal: getting users.

Who we’re looking for

  • Someone who is seasoned with a Minimum 4+ years B2C marketing experience at a fast-paced consumer startup or early-stage company focused on building a community and launching a brand
  • Successful record of releasing a product from 0 to 1 or independently leading campaigns including planning/testing, creative development, and optimization

  • Experience developing a tactical marketing plan, annual budget, and executing

  • Experience interviewing marketing candidates and making stellar hires based on team needs, culture & performance

  • Possess leadership qualities such as high EQ, management abilities, etc. that allows for effective management over a high-performing team and motivation for each team member

  • Superior communication skills, both in-person & online (slack/email)

  • Strong in user acquisition, digital marketing, optimization, growth hacking, product marketing

  • Strong in brand management and campaign management

  • Managing a significant budget (for our size)

Someone who is scrappy

  • Experience working with a low budget and achieving extraordinary results

  • Explore and test various marketing channels (online and offline) to develop a diversified marketing mix

Someone who values speed over perfection

  • Decisive, action-oriented, and able to leverage resources effectively

  • Once a strategy is developed, execution immediately follows

  • Would rather ask for forgiveness than permission

Someone who can build a fanatic community around our brand

  • Experience building a community—both online and offline—that is cultish and passionate about the brand

  • Experience developing an events strategy with a corresponding budget that won’t break the bank

  • Experience with identifying and launching mutually beneficial brand partnerships to drive user acquisition

  • Experience building out a content strategy across multiple channels

Someone who idolizes metrics

  • Has an obsessive focus on optimizing relevant KPIs (CAC, DAU, MAU) and developing a scalable marketing playbook

  • Breaks ideas into a science as much as an art


  • Define the overall marketing growth strategy for our product

  • Plan and lead creative marketing campaigns and activations to acquire new users

  • Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns to better optimize spend and performance, draw insights & make data-driven decisions that drive the marketing team’s goals

  • Define future marketing positions & lead hiring of our marketing team as we grow

  • Manage, build, and grow a community around our social media followings

  • Will help us select tools and vendors to optimize growth but focus on getting traction first