Chief Creative Officer

The mission: to develop and maintain Felix Gray’s brand voice and visual identity across all assets, consumer facing or otherwise.

This is a newly created role with the ability to impact the brand at every level of the business. We need someone that doesn’t understand why computer glasses aren’t already a mainstream offering. And that has the vision for Felix Gray to become that brand.

While the role reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for the high-level brand strategy for every aspect of the business, we need someone that not is willing, but wants to roll up their sleeves and execute. We don’t currently have the bandwidth to outsource all the creative work to agencies and lower level creatives. Our person is looking at the 10,000 foot view and in the weeds at the same time; and they’re okay with that.

You will:

  • Build and design creative assets (banner ads, landing pages, etc.) for all team needs.
  • Manage a quarterly creative budget to outsource minimal work where needed (illustrations, photo shoots, etc.)
  • Manage and build the creative team as we grow that can assist in execution and creative strategy
  • Increase overall brand look / brand feel so that we better convey our brand values and brand propositions. Initial tangible results within 3 months of starting.
  • Pull together brand look and brand guidelines within 2 months of starting.
  • Build brand partnerships to push sales, raise brand equity, and have activations

You have:

  • 5-10 years of experience working in branding; part of the time working at a higher level as an Art Director and/or Creative Director
  • Experience at a high-growth e-comm company (or companies) or at agencies specifically handling e-comm clients
  • Skillset to execute, not delegate. But delegated, when needed.
  • High proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Illustrator and Photoshop. Sketch, Indesign, Invision all plusses.
  • Passion for continuously honing your draft as a designer
  • Visual Arts, Fine Arts, or Design degree
  • Experience in 3D a plus, experience in 2D a must
  • Copywriting experience a plus

About Felix Gray:

At Felix Gray, we’ve built a fast-growing eyewear brand for the digital age. Our beautifully designed, hand-crafted Italian acetate glasses mitigate the negative effects of staring at screens all day long (sound familiar). Specifically, the clear lenses filter blue light and eliminate glare to better alleviate eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches, and eye fatigue.

We’re a year old company that’s created a product that people love and discovered ways to find our consumers at scale. Now, at this inflection point in our life, we’re looking to take our brand to the next level and looking for the right person to take us there.

We hold three marriages core to our hearts:

  1. Fashion meets Function
  2. Sophistication / Intelligence meets Quirky / Fun / Colloquial
  3. Nostalgia meets Modernity

We want people’s confidence to feel as good as their eyes do when wearing their Felix Grays.

We’re a fun loving, young culture that likes to goof around and have a good time while hitting deadlines and creating the best work possible. We have flexible hours, no dress code, cover 100% of your health care, and believe that everyone working here tremendously impacts our success; for that reason, every employee receives equity. We don’t serve Kool Aid here, only beer.